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It's easy enough to see that if we were to remove all the air inbetween the spaces where we store things, we could use our storage alot more effectively. But somehow it took us long enough to invent space saver bags.

Space saver bags or space saving bags are originally introduced in the 1994 as a vacuum-sealed storage bag. Today, Space saver bags are also more commonly known as space bags thanks to the vast popularity of ITW Space Bag.

The brand Space Bag was founded in 1993 and was acquired in 200 by Illinois Tool Words (ITW), which is then a manufacturer of highly engineered components and industrial systems and consumables. The success of the Space Bag product as a result from the strong TV advertising campaigns led to the formation of a subsidiary company of ITW, ITW Space Bags, which fully dedicates to the production and manufacturing of Space Bags products. Space Bag products are distributed in over 30 countries worldwide and more than 100 million Space Bags products are sold in the past.

The function of a space saver bag, as the name would suggest, is to help you to save space. Anyone would have this experience of standing before a clutter closet and wondering when it will finally explode. How many times has a housewife been driven mad by the mess in the hall or closet that never seems to be sorted out? For most people, to be organized is always a problem and there's always not enough space. Well, the easiest way to solve the space problem and to get rid of the mess is to stop buying so many things and throw away the unnecessary. However, for most people, this 'easiest way' is actually the most difficult. So you want to keep your stuff but at the same time you want more space? This is where space saver bags come in.

Ever thought that air can take up quite some space as well? The idea of a space saver bag is based on vacuum and compress. The usage of a space saver bag is really simple. Just put your clothes into the space saver bag, seal the sliding zipper zipper, attach a vacuum hose to the outer valve, and finally suck out the remaining air out of the bag. Once the air is sucked out, the space saver bag inside becomes vacuum and the clothes inside the bag become compressed. The space taken up by, for example, 3 pieces of winter coats can now fit 6 winter coats instead. The amount of storage is dramatically increased just by getting rid of the air.

The original idea of a space saver bag is to help you to save space. Over the years, more and more products are introduced to serve the purpose of helping you to organize your stuff. Instead of storing your clothes in a one whole pile, and taking the trouble to look for them every time you need them, you can now store your clothes in different compartments while saving space. For example, Space Bag has introduced the Space-Saver Tote, which is good for storing clothes that are best suited to be hung, such as your dresses, pants and suits. On the other hand the Vacuum Seal Cube is good for bed linens, towels and wash cloths.

Today, with the functions of space saver bags extending from space-saving, organization to protection, non-clothes items are also stored in space saver bags. First of all, a vacuum condition prevents growth of bacteria and moulds. By putting your clothes, important documents or even cash in a space saver bags, you can be rest assured that your stuffs are well protected against bugs, dust, mildew, odours, and most importantly, water.

Although Space Bag might be the most well-known or popular products of all, bear in mind there are other space saver bags available in the market that serve the same functions. In our website, you will find product reviews of the available brands in the market, allowing you to compare and choose the most suitable space saver bags for your usage. Stay tune!

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